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Lanre Fagbohun At 50 : Celebrating An Awesome Phenomenon - Pelumi Olugbenga

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Just like the little drops of the rain,
so does your mien put smiles on our face

Lo and behold you came;
Like an angel wielding the sword of change
A young and vibrant leader
Bent on taking LASU to the highest ladder;

He said: We are LASU, We are Proud!

The birds flew in excitement
The fishes danced in their habitat
The dejected ones were given new hope

The unmotivated ones can now cope.

This is the story of like minds

Who met on the altar of articles
The pen proved mightier than the sword
Even the extremely radical ones could no longer war
A new approach is now on the front burner
It became so incomprehensible
They had to concoct that he was a spy

Little did they know that falsehood can never stop the bird to fly!

The fire keeps on burning:
A true mentor has been found
I never knew we could go this far
The destiny of man can truly not be forever buffered.
A young writer who lost his father at the age of six
Can now have the tears on cease.
Just like the early morning sun,you brought a fresh hope to our door

Just as a chrysalis flies up from the flower in excitement,
We salute a life worth modelling
Just as the pup swam on seeing the shark,
We arose from our beds to laud a phenomenal personality.

Today, I become Vates and peek into the future:
I see endless possibilities

It is the day of the 50

A unique milestone

It is time to celebrate:
Not on a jamboree
But with the less privileged.


Today, 19th of October, 2016 - a father, brother, mentor and friend celebrates his Golden Jubilee. Mr Vice Chancellor sir, I join your darling wife - Mrs Yeside Fagbohun, your great family and thousands of well wishers around the world to celebrate a life almost perfectly spent.

Our story is that of a young boy, who met a great man along the sea bank. The boy's dream has always been to explore the sea of possibilities ahead of him but the young boy lacked the tools to successfully navigate. Lo and behold, a great man came - who saw the potentials and passion of this young boy. This great man ensured this young boy will not merely navigate a sea of possibilities but rather an ocean of unlimited greatness. Professor Olanrewaju Adigun Abdul-Hakeem Fagbohun, sir, you are the great man and I'm the young boy. We've met not up to a year and you've done too much for me already. You've taken me as your protégé and you've shown me I can defy all odds and achieve whatever I wish to. You made me understand that "success never happens by accident, but rather as a product of tested principles and strategies". I will remain disciplined, prudent and passionate as you've always urged me to.


In January 2016, Professor Olanrewaju Adigun Abdul-Hakeem Fagbohun took over the mantle of Leadership in LASU. I remember how I joined the crowd of well wishers with a view to catch a glimpse of this young Professor, who promised to change the fortunes of LASU. I initially took his words as mere exaggerations and 'political statements' but today - less than 10months later, it appears he underrated himself on that very day.

More importantly, I've always nurtured a burning desire to serve this great University albeit I never thought I would ever get a big chance under Professor Fagbohun. The best I initially thought I would get - was a handshake and at best - a photograph with this legal luminary.
Moving on to barely four months later, the dream to serve became a reality.


I had my first close contact with him at the Quality Assurance Retreat in February. In March, I sent him a message on the need for the rebranding of our University Environment most especially the Iyana Iba axis. He welcomed the ideas and also gave me the audience to present and submit a 10-page article which highlighted the problems and the possible ways forward. Joyfully, he also had plans to aggressively beautify the whole University environment. I felt fulfilled.

On the 14th of May, 2016, at exactly 7:40pm, the whole story changed. The GNS Results had just being released that very day albeit with so many shortcomings. I immediately sent a focused text message that highlighted the problems. He also replied me immediately to assure me in his words that he will "aggressively look into the issue". The pen is never going to rest until victory is achieved. I picked up my pen, drafted a more encapsulating article, forwarded it to his mail alongside two first class students' profile (Timi and David). This wowed him! He called to commend such approach as the best way to solving issues in a 21st century society. He also demanded I modify the mail and send him an official letter - which I did immediately. Moving on swiftly, I became a member of the GNS Review Committee headed by Professor Biodun Akinpelu and I ensured I put in greater efforts, discipline and intelligence in the Committee. Premised around this, I became his protégé and son.

Weeks later, he publicly commended me; four different times during University gatherings. Being an already popular figure on campus, many felt I was on the verge of contesting for the Students' Union President and these people became so irrational, desperate and mischievous that they began to misinform/brainwash students to see the act of sending a VC an article meant to ensure students get their deserved grades as the act of an "espionage" or spy.How laughable!
I was unruffled by all the concoctions and shenanigans of these political desperadoes. I chose to ignore them rather than putting up a full-fledged rejoinder as many have urged me to. You don't pay too much attention to desperate people - you give them undue relevance by doing so. Mind you, desperate people don't attain greatness in life. They go into oblivion out of their lack of focus but envy and bitterness towards others.
In life, your conscience should always be your judge and not humans. So far your conscience is clear, every other thing matters less.


Need I tell you that Professor Fagbohun most times resumes office by 7:20am and doesn't leave till around 9pm? Even on weekends and public holidays - he works assiduously hard! You've heard an aspect of his passion.

Surely, without the fire, the gold will never glitter to its optimal capabilities. It is around this premise of TEAM SPIRIT that I salute our great Deans, Heads of Departments, and Directors of Centers for their unflinching support for this revolutionary change in LASU. Similarly, to all indefatigable members of the University Senate and Governing Council; for joining this phenomenal professor in blazing the frontiers of development in LASU. Posterity will surely reward you all sirs and mas.

Most Importantly,to the student populace - who have so far allowed good reason and collective sacrifices to prevail over exuberances; in our quest to take our darling University to greater height. GREATEST LASUITES! We are on our way there!!!!!


"If you are waiting for a perfect human, then you may have to wait till eternity".

Mr Vice Chancellor sir, you've revolutionized all facets of our existence in LASU. This is visible to even the blind. The LASU of today is so different from the LASU of my 100 level days that I began to wonder if I subconsciously changed to another University. Surely, there will always be challenges, opposition, setback and mistakes but remember sir : with hard work, discipline, diligence and learning from past mistakes - there are no limits to what we can achieve.
Our very dear leader, I and other like minds will remain 100% committed on this journey - so far the vision remains that of a University that can compete favorably against the very best in the world. A University students can proudly point at as their own. A University where there is a synergy between our sterling staff and brilliant students : this is the #LASU of our dream!

Mr Vice Chancellor sir, although it is not yet Uhuru but we will surely get there sir. We wish you all the very best, in good health and enormous wealth. Proverbially, the wind they say always dominates proceedings wherever it is found. When it begins, even the sturdiest of oaks bends to its gale.The forest tree that wouldn’t, is sooner uprooted by the fierceness of its mildest storm.Given this sir, you shall dominate and conquer your world. Sir, you bring joy and fresh hope to us,just as the bird brings fresh hope to the Berbers. May your age be clothed with fame, grace and love. In a Century we have decades and in a Millennium, we have centuries, may you be greater than your contemporaries! Billions were born, but only a handful attains this unique milestone of Golden Jubilee. However sir, yours has gone beyond Golden but to a Diamond sphere.

Professor Olanrewaju Adigun #Fagbohun - Omo ekun Akesan, Oko Yeside, Baba awon olorire - Igba odun, odun kan pere ni oooo! Aseyi se amodun, ase amodun se imi.

Thanks for reading.

#Pelumi Olugbenga (Ambode of LASU) is an undergraduate at the Lagos State University. He was the Student Representative at the #GNS Review Committee.

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